Love the Look

February 2, 2009

Thanks to a tip via twitter from Decor8 blogger Holly Becker, I perused the J Crew Spring Preview online this morning and stumbled upon this lovely ensemble:




I absolutely LOVE that skirt, and I love the muted, feminine shirt and sweater paired with the bright and shiny skirt. Perfectly done, slightly ecclectic [my favorite] overall look. Makes me want to go buy some ultra shiny yellow fabric and attempt to make a similar skirt. Oh that’s right, I still need a sewing machine… and to learn how to sew. Back to J Crew…

When I was at The Grove in L.A. last weekend, I took a brief minute to stop into J Crew after being drawn to the sight of a gray and yellow printed pencil skirt [which I don’t see anywhere online, or I would provide a link to it] and all this to say, I was quite impressed with everything I saw. I have always liked J Crew, but it has been rare that I have loved anything J Crew. It seems this spring collection, and the early spring stuff they already have in stores is striking the fashion chord in me.

Oh, btw, the look pictured isn’t available until March.


One Response to “Love the Look”

  1. Melanie said

    JCrew, you kill me. Please stop all your loveliness until I can afford you.

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