LL #1 | happy tape

April 16, 2009

happy tape

Happy indeed!

I am salivating over the brilliant colors and combinations here… yes I know it’s tape. I always thought it was sad and/or weird that my favorite kind of shopping growing up was school supply shopping. I love that I can now rejoice in it with fellow arts & crafts lovers. There’s nothing like a brand new set of colored pencils, crayons, paper, etc… just itching to be used for pictures, stories, etc…

Check out the happytape blog for great ideas of the things you can use your happy tape for.


Little Little’s

April 16, 2009

I realize it’s been ages since my last post and I’m going to have to attribute the delay to job search mayhem, some rather important preoccupations, and the fact that all of my creative thought time has been spent just trying to keep up with all the lovely design blogs in my google reader, a battle which I am clearly losing since I currently have 467 unread items. YIKES!

But the dust seems to have settled, at least enough to manage, and I am now gainfully employed, as a nanny for an adorable (and currently sleeping) 5 month old boy, and frosting cupcakes at Seattle’s original cupcake bakery. Yes I do realize I win the girliest job(s) award.

Anyways, I want to start a new “feature” if you will. I said from the beginning that this blog was intended to be a place to catch all my creative inspirations, so I’m going to start posting little things as I come across them. Which brings me to the title of this post. You see to me, a “Little Little” is a little something that stirs up joy and sparks excitement. A small, tangible evidence of God’s love for me in providing creativity and art around me for inspiration and to remind me that He is indeed the author of creativity. Just look around at what He made!

So in similar fashion to the lovely Melanie of “You are my Fave”, I’ll be posting little things that brighten my day under the tittle of Little Little’s, or LL’s.

Coming very, very soon.

– a*