paint the town.

February 3, 2009


Huge Mug and Saucer - yellow birds


I’ve been wanting some good sized, good feeling coffee mugs with saucers, much like the ones I regularly enjoy at Verite [picture below!], but preferably a bit daintier feeling. I’ve been wanting to regularly brew french press at home for some time now, but as ridiculous as it sounds, it never quite feels right in any of the hodge podge of souvenier mugs we have around the house. I even added some plain white ones that look about right to my wish list during Christmas time.

Creature Comforts tweeted about the yellow one pictured above and it reminded me of my quest for good coffee cups, along with my love of all things floral prints and yellow right now and I got to thinking… maybe it’s time for a trip to paint the town?

Yeah, let’s file this one under “things to do after I find a job and therefore have an income.”