February 2, 2009

Emily Ryan.


Hailing from our great neighbor Portland, Oregon and reminding me a bit of beloved PR winner Leanne, I am drooling up a storm over the indescribably amazing designs she has for sale over at her etsy store.

Take this dress for example:

Gathered Hoodie Dress

It’s possible that I have a major thing for tailored fleece. I usually just can’t afford it, this being no exception given the current *ahem* unemployed and in debt status. But nonetheless I can’t get enough of the details on this dress. 


and another:





etsy favorite

January 20, 2009

I have a love for flower shaped stud earrings. As such, I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite etsy sellers, dangsworld.

Here’s what’s currently en route to me:

I will also be attempting to make my own version using some buttons I picked up at the fabric store yesterday. The buttons were only 60 cents! Talk about cheap earrings! I’ll upload pics when the project is complete.