luly yang.

February 6, 2009

Today my job search took me to Luly Yang. I had planned to go downtown and drop off my application and resume at The Purple Cafe, and did so, but also noticed that Luly Yang was across the street… and I did happen to have my “designed specifically for bridal sales jobs” resume on me. I walked down the street to another location for another errand stop and had to walk by Luly again to get back to my car. Something was tugging on me to go inside… and I obeyed.

I opened the door and the first thing my eye saw was this:



Rather than the window, it was on a dress form in the entry of the boutique and honestly I think it was even more amazing in person and on a form rather than spread over the bench. Regardless, I was awestruck. Over a dress I know, but the art of it was so beautiful. The dress borderlines on that slightly too crazy to be practical but still not so overdone or crazy that it’s not wearable, if of course you have the right event. And honestly what couture dress isn’t a little unpractical?

Anyways, I just wanted to share the breathtaking piece of art I was blessed to enjoy today.

Oh and as for the job, the delightful young lady I gave my resume to said they did just so happen to be hiring, and seemed to really like my resume. It’d be truly a privilege to work for a local Seattle designer as fabulous as Luly. I’ll keep you posted…